In his wickedly funny final play, NöeI Coward takes us behind the scenes of a new West End production. Conjuring up an authentic backstage world of talent and treachery, Coward creates a gallery of unforgettable characters; a temperamental leading lady, a ruthless director, the jaded old troupers and, caught somewhere between them all, an innocent young playwright. From tentative first rehearsal to triumphant opening night, the clash of egos becomes increasingly and hilariously bloody. But what emerges from the mayhem is a startling evocation of that most elusive gift of all – star quality.

There are 10 speaking and 2 non-speaking parts in Star Quality.

Four of these are substantial in size.

Six are moderate and fairly even in size.

Number of *s indicates relative number of lines for each character.  Characters with few lines may be frequently on stage.  
1)***Bryan Snow - struggling young author of the play Dark Heritage/overwhelmed at times
2)***Ray Malcolm -  Director of the play and a bit of a tyrant.  
3)*Nora Mitchell - Lorraine's maid/dresser/companion 
4)***Lorraine Barrie - the once-upon-a-time diva who strives to maintain her reputation and control.
5)Harry Thornton - stage manager for Dark Heritage/present on stage/few lines
6)*Marion Blake - subservient actress, always anxious to please, thoroughly "made up," also in Dark Heritage
7)Eric Larch - youngish actor/few lines 
8)*Gerald Wentworth - distinguished leading man/polished presence  
9)**Tony Orford - Ray's personal assistant/flamboyant/sharp tongued    
10)Laura Witby - third actress in Dark Heritage/appears on stage, no lines but interacts
11)Beryl and Bob - Assistant Stage Managers/few lines/frequent appearance on stage- could be male or female




Sept. 18th and 19th

7:00pm to 8:30pm

Rehearsals will begin the week of September 25th and will be arranged according to the schedules of the cast whenever possible.  Performances will be Nov. 16, 17 and 18 (matinee).

Council on Aging serving St. Clair Co.  Washington Life Center, 403 N Mary St, Marine City, MI 48039